Socialise Safely with Other Pets and Pet Lovers

Socialise Safely with Other Pets and Pet Lovers

Why It’s Essential to Socialise Your Puppy
Socialising your dog is the most important gift you can give them. It should begin early in their life and is particularly crucial during a puppy’s Critical Socialisation Period of 8 to 12 weeks old. A well-socialised puppy is ‘set up to succeed’ at living with us harmoniously. They’re more likely to grow up to be calm and balanced with a stable temperament and better able to cope with whatever life throws at them.

Positive socialisation with your dog establishes the foundations for a close communication and a trusting bond between a guardian and their dog. This, in turn, creates a lifetime of very special memories to cherish forever.

I was recently asked to contribute to a blog article for Bayer’s ‘Advantage Petcare’ blog about the benefits of socialising your dog, and the best ways to do it. I feel this is vitally important information for all dog owners to know.

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How to socialise your dog
The way in which we introduce dogs to each other is VERY important. Introducing dogs in a positive way, by being mindful of their body language, will ensure that they develop positive associations with meeting other dogs.

Puppy play dates
Research has shown that organising a puppy or dog play date with one other puppy or dog of a similar temperament, size and play style, can be more beneficial than a large puppy or dog group play session/s. Careful supervision of arousal levels is always advised, to ensure that it is a positive experience for each puppy or dog.

Dog-friendly venues
For dogs that are well trained and socialised, a trip with their guardian to a local dog-friendly café can be a positive and rewarding experience for both. Dogs who have been resting quietly at their owner’s feet are usually in a state of lower arousal, which is also key to safe and positive meetings between dogs in public spaces.

Recommended services to aid your dog’s socialising skills
Professionally run ‘Puppy Socialisation’ programs – These can be a wonderful and safer way for puppies to experience positive socialisation with other puppies in a group environment, especially with close supervision of the puppies and education provided to guardians about interpreting canine body language and when to intervene to ensure it is a positive experience for all puppies.

Professionally run dog obedience clubs or classes
Group Classes provide a wonderful opportunity for dogs to experience positive socialisation under carefully controlled conditions. Training our dogs in these types of group classes, teaches them that it is safe to be in the presence of other unknown dogs, which results in positive socialisation experiences for our dogs.
Positive experiences of socialisation with you will increase your dog’s trust in you, establishing the close communication you need for a lifetime of creating special memories together.

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