Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership

At the core of BEYOND Dog Training, is the belief that all pet owners need to take responsibility for the welfare of their pets.

I strive to be an example of this belief in my community in every way that I can, by being a leader e.g. my involvement in the Delta Therapy Dog program.

I also try to educate my fellow pet owners about their responsibilities through the products that my business offers e.g. in Puppy Classes we cover topics such as ‘Your obligations as Responsible Pet Owners under the Animal Welfare Act.’

Education of our communities about Responsible Pet Ownership is paramount to changing some of the common problems we see with pet ownership. These problems often occur because owners take little or no responsibility for providing for the needs of their pets, both physically and mentally. Problems soon arise in these situations because neglected, sick or abused pets invariably develop inappropriate and problematic behaviours which, if left unchecked, can escalate into dangerous behaviours which potentially put the whole community at risk.

Several State governments have instituted campaigns to address this issue with the provision of generous Government Grants for Responsible Pet Ownership programs run by local councils and other organisations. Education is the key to addressing most of these issues. Government funding makes this possible by encouraging owners to seek the services of qualified professionals such as Veterinarians, Behaviourists and Dog Trainers.

If you are an organisation, a local Council or other interested party and you would like the assistance of a professional Dog Trainer/Behavioural Assessor to put together a Responsible Pet Ownership Program, please contact me to discuss your needs. Together we can make a difference.