“Pets & Babes”©

“Pets & Babes”©

Here is the scenario – You are expecting your new baby and you have pets at home. In the midst of preparations for your new baby’s arrival, you may wonder about whether your pets will accept the arrival of the newest member of the family with open arms like everyone else will. Right?

At BEYOND Dog Training, I believe that bringing home your new baby, the newest member of your family, should be a joyous and wholesome milestone and that you should feel confident in the knowledge that you have considered everything in those preparations. With the assistance of an experienced professional trainer and behavioural assessor, you can feel confident that you have considered the needs of your pets as well.

This could be one of the most important steps that you take in those preparations and it could determine the success or failure of how well your pets accept your baby’s arrival. When preparations are not considered for pets in these situations, some pets are capable of finding their way around their unmet needs, which is a relief and says a lot about their adaptability. However, there will be many individuals who cannot cope without adequate preparation and who may begin to display difficult or problematic behaviours which could escalate further or pose a danger to young family members.

BEYOND Dog Training can assist you to tailor an effective plan to pre-empt and head off any possible issues that might arise. Being prepared means keeping all of your family safe and happy.

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