Private Consultations

Private Consultations

A BEYOND Dog Training professional one-on-one consultation can be conducted in your home and will provide you with a guided training plan to address any goals you and/or your dog may need assistance with.

It is important to realise that nothing can be learned overnight. The key to successful learning, whether that is teaching a dog new behaviours or modifying existing behaviours, is contingent on the following –

  • A professionally qualified and suitably experienced dog trainer.
  • Commitment from the dog owner or handler and everyone else who comes into contact with the dog (and that includes the whole family) to follow through on the training or behaviour modification instructions.
  • The age of and the innate abilities and characteristics of the dog including the influence of its breeding – e.g. you would not try to, nor expect to, successfully train a Livestock Guardian breed to retrieve water fowl like a retrieving dog breed can; or expect a young Jack Russell terrier to remain quietly on its mat 24 hours a day.

Private Consultations are structured to address important aspects, such as –

  1. Identifying the aims and goals.
  2. Devising the best training plan.
  3. Educating the owner about their part in achieving the outcomes.
  4. Reviewing each stage as you progress.
  5. Identifying when the goals are achieved.
  6. Considering new options for further progression if the owner desires and the dog is amenable to it!