Delta Therapy Dogs Accreditation

Delta Therapy Dogs Accreditation

Do you have a well balanced dog that enjoys learning and pays attention to you when asked to?

Do you have one to one and a half hours a week of spare time?

Would you like to make a difference for others by visiting them with your dog?

Perhaps you would like to consider becoming a Delta Therapy Dog Team together, so that you can visit residents in an aged care facility or hospital in your district and make a difference to their day.

Currently I am the only Delta Therapy Dog Team in the Upper Hunter region. I am seeking other dog owners who would like to join me by becoming a Delta Therapy Dog Team themselves.

BEYOND Dog Training can assist you to prepare for the assessment which is held annually at the Newcastle branch grounds at the Hillsborough Dog Club. The assessment is not overly demanding and any dog who is well balanced, has a good temperament and is attentive to their owner can acquire the skills required for the assessment. Your dog may currently have most or all of the skills required and may only need to brush up on those existing skills, in order to be ready. I can assist you with your preparation.

Being a Delta Therapy Dog Team volunteer is very rewarding not only for the residents and patients that we visit, but it is very rewarding for the handler and the dog as well. It seems like such a simple therapy, but the power of transformation that takes place in the residents (and staff!) during those visits, is astounding.

Just as my dogs have achieved their potential when they became Delta Therapy Dogs, your dog too could have the ability to achieve the same potential.